Download Manager?

I’m looking for a recommendation of software…

I have some files I would like to share with my clients, but I’m a bit paranoid about just sticking the file in any old directory and providing them with a link. In fact, I’m actually somewhat worried that one of them will forward the link to the file onto their friends or some mailing list. I could put the files in a password-protected directory, and look at my stats to see user activity, but that would require me to check my stats more often than I do.

Anyrate, what I’m looking for is a script that will allow me to give it a list of usernames and passwords, and allow a user to download any specific file x number of times before shutting the user’s ability to download off, so they can call/email me and whine about how I’m not giving my stuff out to all their friends. Free and/or cheap (less than $20) would be ideal. A quick search of turned up nothing really useful.

Thanks, matt

I found a script at Hotlists that seems to do what you want:

The weblink seems to be having problems… I don’t know if it’s a temporary glitch or if the guy has completely closed down… it’s probably worth checking back over the next few days.

A quick addendum:

I ran a whois of the developer’s domain and its status is ‘registrar-lock’

I’ve never seen that and don’t know what it means, but it doesn’t sound good.

Is it really worthwile to be paranoid on the Internet? I understand what you want to accomplish: to prevent other people from getting the things that you give to your friends/clients for download. That is fair, but can you really prevent sharing? If the clients would happily hand out a download link then if you disable that link after the first visit, won’t they just find other ways to share the item they just downloaded from your site?

It’s sensible to make your downloads reasonably secure, like password-protecting or even time-limiting the links. But if want complete control over the content you are sharing, then you will have to share it on self-combusting paper. My point is, there’s a limit to how much you can control data once you have shared it.


Hi, and thanks for the responses. I had actually stumbled across the referenced script in my initial search of hotscripts. Hotscripts tends to be hit-or-miss, and this time they were a miss.

If nothing else, I might just hack something together in PHP.

As for being paranoid, I have thought about it and I’ve decided it is worth it. Most of the people I want to share these files with are not particularly tech-savvy and in this case an ounce of prevention will go a long way, and in the long run it will probably be worth it to me. As much as I sympathize with information wanting to be free, my rent, food, student loans, bills, and web hosting are not, and so my time and energy aren’t either. :frowning: