Download links not working?

i am in the process of migrating from another hosting provider and am curious…

i have uploaded a file via FTP to the root folder in my server and if i enter the url to download the file i am getting a 404 error

i am using this path


i have also tried creating a new folder in my root and that still doesnt work…

is there something i need to do to enable public downloads from my server?

i am going to be hosting a page for a free web based music label and need to have my users able to download the releases showcased by the artists

No, there are no extra steps required to enable public access to files that are hosted within your domain directory.

Are you using a different domain here, and if not, has DNS propagation completed?

i have my domain at godaddy. and yes im fairly certain the propagation has taken affect as i have been able to install wordpress and begin setting up the page

i just wanted to make sure the download links would work before embedding them into my pages, and am getting 404 errors on every zip and rar i upload

my problem was that i was assuming my root folder was really my root folder…

when i access my server via FTP my root folder contained a folder (which is actually my “root” folder for downloading)

haha, that was simple!

Ya, a lot of new customers make the same mistake. When I first joined DH, I was also confused with user root directory and domain root directory.

Welcome on-board!

Yeah, I made a similar error too.

Welcome to DreamHost - where we all get confused! :smiley:

I, i have two sites:

Thank you for help.


Problem solved. When I tried to upload a file from the ftp manager I went with another user who was not right when we click on “Manage Domains”.
To upload a file, go into the ftp manager with the specified user for that domain. I did that and… error 404 is finished.

Hello…Thanks for sharing such a great detail but actually I am confused with my root folder so please discuss some more details…