Downgrade to 3.4 - 3.5 Add Media completely broken

It seems that in version 3.5 the Add Media and media library systems are broken.
It is not possible to share images between galleries and the instructions for creating galleries using the theme I purchased doesn’t work at all.
I opened a ticket with ThemeForest and they state the system was broken with the new 3.5 media system and recommend downgrading to 3.4

The domain I am having trouble with is

How can I downgrade to 3.4?

Restore both the filesystem and database from your last v3.4 backup.

You should be able to just restore the 3.4.2 core files for WordPress, actually. The DB changes won’t kill you.

One thing to try before you do that is to put this in your wp-config.php file:

I’m not sure how to restore the 3.4.2 core files.
Can you point me to a resource with instructions?

Here’s what I get:

“Unfortunately we were unable to process your domain restore for as there were no available backups!”

I had a static page at the domain for awhile; I only recently (as in, last week ) started trying to set up this Wordpress site.

So what I really think I need to do is install 3.4.2. Even if my DB gets blown away, at this point it’s not a big deal as there isn’t much in it yet.

Download the zip here:

Copy those files over the ones you have (content will not be affected). :slight_smile: