just me, or was dreamhost down (or really really slow) for a couple hours this afternoon, starting around 2:30 pm? i couldn’t access my page @ nor pull up the panel or dreamhost web site…

No it wasn’t just you… everything was down for me too.

Looks okay now though :slight_smile:


Everthing was down for me for a few hours, but it seems to be back now.

Unfortunatly the panel is still “Temporaraly Unavailable” :frowning:

The panel is now fuxored and only displays the following…

db->do: can’t execute ‘SELECT session.* FROM session, session_tag WHERE session.session_id=session_tag.session_id AND tag=‘OCkPamXw6GZ6czzONWtrQcalgMucpCokUBfZ2O6_003009367’ AND agent=‘Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; .NET CLR 1.1.4322)’’ : MySQL server has gone away db->do: can’t execute ‘SELECT session.* FROM session, session_tag WHERE session.session_id=session_tag.session_id AND tag=‘OCkPamXw6GZ6czzONWtrQcalgMucpCokUBfZ2O6_003009367’’ : MySQL server has gone away db->do: can’t execute ‘REPLACE INTO session (session_data,last,created) VALUES (’’’’,NOW(),NOW())’ : MySQL server has gone away

Didn’t loose any e-mail I was sending stuff to the addresses when it was down. Came at a bad time too :frowning:

I really wish DH had a public stats page with quick blurbs about this kind of stuff

yes, very frustrating day. I’m sure for DH too. Of course, they’ve been back up for several hours and we haven’t heard a peep as to why. I’m guessing a DDoS as their ns1 and ns3 had 88-92% packet loss when I pinged. ns2 is offsite. a few people I referred are ready to switch to a new host…

I’m still waiting for an explanantion too. It was pretty embarrassing since I’ve put a number of friends here and had no explanation. Think one may move…

Oi, what a week.

Last Wednesday our main internal db server (we have two) started dying inexplicably. After pretty much 24 hours of wrestling with it, we finally downgraded it from MySQL 4 to 3.23.55 and that fixed it for good. Internal dbs being down means no Web Panel, Signup, Webmail, and well, basically anything that might use your web id or our internal data on you. Customer websites, ftp, and email (apart from webmail access to it) were up though.

Then yesterday afternoon for about an hour and a half something weird happened: Our main (of 2) router crapped out for an unknown reason, dropping all of it’s BGP sessions and creating an HSRP fight between itself and our backup router since they could no longer reach eachother. Apparently, the main switch behind those routers got a bit confused (probably due to the ARP traffic generated and started blocking even non-routed traffic. Which meant ALL of DreamHost… everything… was down to the world. :frowning:

To add insult to further injury, shortly after that was fixed our OTHER (of 2) internal databases started having the same problems our first one had last Wednesday. Now finally, IT’S been downgraded to 3.23.55 and seems okay again.

I hope everybody can put this week behind them as quickly as we’d like to. I guess go celebrate St. Patrick’s day LONG AND HARD!

(also, you can read the official announcements for each of these in the “Status > Announcements” area of our web panel, now that it’s back up. We’ll try to do a better job of posting to the discussion boards when these things happen, but don’t forget to check the announcements area whenever you can too!)


It was down between 8-12 PST when I was trying to login.

Down for me now :frowning:

"Temporarily Unavailable
The web panel is temporarily unavailable while we perform maintenance on our database.

[Sources: billing]"