Down yet again

My domain is down yet again, for about the 6th time since signing up less than a month ago. Is anyone else on the sake server experiencing downtime?

While I appreciate the direct communications Dreamhost offers and their extensive explanations for the downtimes, It just ceases to be reasonable to stay with an inferior product after repeated failures. Unfortunately, after more than 3 strikes, today just might be my last day with Dreamhost.


Yes, I’m also on the Sake server and am experiencing yet another downtime (

No announcement, nothing.

Have the same problem. My site has been down several times this weekend and 2 times the last 5 hours.

An announcement!

[quote]Your server, sake, has been experiencing some problems throughout the
night. We are aware of this and will be installing more RAM shortly to
help alleviate the problems. This should clear everything up. Sorry for
the inconvenience.

Happy DreamHost RAM installing team![/quote]

Not sure what server I’m using, but I have no access to it via FTP. This is getting utterly ridiculous. If this is yet another DDOS attack, the attacker is clever enough to launch on a Sunday afternoon, when the support at Dreamhost is minimal.

We need a better way to contact these people.