Down until Monday night?

The status says, “Monday night, we will upgrading our core networking equipment…”

Does that mean everything will be down until then? So, down half of Friday, all day Saturday, all day Sunday and all day Monday?



My interpretation is that uptime will remain sporadic until Monday. That doesn’t mean they’ve just given up on it; just that they won’t be able to completely fix it until then.

It’s not a total loss of service (at least as far as I’ve observed)… I was able to update and view one of my sites (on vito) a few hours ago (it has since gone down again). And I successfully checked my e-mail (on murdock) just now.

My sites are back up.
edit again
Back down. Haha

“In another time and place, this could be funny.” – Counsellor Troi, ST:TNG

I took it to mean that they will keep working on it, but the correct fix will happen Monday. I’d guess they’re waiting on parts or assistance that isn’t available on the weekend–but that’s just a guess.

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You’re lucky your sites are up. Not mine. Not since mid-day Friday.


It’ll give the hampsters a nice break I suppose, and then hopefully on Monday those little rodents will be all rested and ready to spin the wheels that power DH.


I wouldn’t count on the rodents being able to power up DH…I hear that Peta has raided Dreamhost and rescued them… and that is why most of the servers are down.

[quote]The status says, “Monday night, we will upgrading our core networking equipment…”


It also would’ve been nice if the status page told us what time Monday the downtime was expected to begin. I guess we’ll just be surprised when things stop (or start?) working.