Down - Remains Unverified

After just coming off a 1 hour verified downtime, my site is still down ( - but this time it’s been 15 minutes and remaining at ‘unverified’…

Does this mean no one is checking it? Is this an automated process that determines ‘unverified’. I have a fear that my site is down and no one is working on it.

Thank you.

While the whole server is down so is down and not responding to pings. If the whole server is unresponsive they have software that will notify them of that.

It’s probably a hardware failure but you can always open a ticket to see what’s going on.
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Thanks for the reply - The automated bot says their is no server wide problem, though my site is still not reachable.

I put a ticket in about 10 minutes ago - Hopefully I will get some response soon. It’s getting into the 3rd hour…

Woot - I am back…Thanks DH…