Down down down

anyone’s systems gone offline just now??

looks like instead of just one web server much of DH has gone offline, and no update from DH on the status site for 20 minutes…

MySQL server “hotpockets:uffelman” is down, that much I know. But web, email and the other MySQL servers are working for me on two different clusters.

:cool: -//-

Mangano went down about 2:30pm PST, taking all my sites.

What is the evidence that it’s “a big part of Dreamhost” being down.

I notice that server “Spacey” outage gets noted at – but mangano gets no love :frowning:

It seems this server got upgraded to MySQL 5, and the DreamHost Web Panel has an option for merging databases from other servers onto this one (it was the opposite earlier). There was no notice it was going to be upgraded and I can only assume it was coincidence that a DoS attack on other servers occured at the same time.

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