Down again?

Is everyone else down again also?



my domains on


are all dead.

verified outage in the panel.

14 mins 57 secs ago: Outage verified: We are actively looking into resolving it.
26 mins 17 secs ago: Outage first reported.

Mine on Rollo are okay.

Check out Gordaen’s Knowledge, the blog, and the MR2 page.

ok, some of http is coming back up but now I’m getting database errors. and everything is VERY SLOW.

It seems like everyday in the same time period my sites go down. Now it has been three days straight. Everytime they have to restart the apache server.

I’d have to call ~12 minutes to verify problems and reply to your ticket and ~21 minutes later having the service starting to come back up pretty good for shared server support. shrugs

Check out Gordaen’s Knowledge, the blog, and the MR2 page.

Absolutely rediculous.

I report obvious site outages and I get the automated reply for some of them that they weren’t able to verify the outage so I need to submit a support request.


Nothing on

1 hour 21 mins ago: Outage verified: We are actively looking into resolving it.
1 hour 30 mins ago: Outage first reported.

It looks like something took an extended burp…Glad to see they are starting to come back up, but it would be nice to know what caused the problem, no?

I see these “restart” outages periodically, and they are irritating. About the time you get them reported, they are back up again, so you never really know what caused them. FOr me they do not represent a significant amount of time, but they do cause a lot of grief/worry.


I’m down again too (garvey server). And like someone above said, it’s been down around the same time every day for a few days (as well as a few other times of day, all around 15 mins to 2 hours).

It’s really frustrating that there is no information on the status page about this. I thought it was just happening to me till I saw this discussion post.

high loads

[hyperion]$ w
10:49:43 up 18 days, 20:53, 8 users, load average: 17.48, 15.78, 13.32

[franc]$ w
10:50:12 up 12 days, 21:11, 2 users, load average: 12.08, 10.16, 9.51

[poprock]$ w
10:50:47 up 1 day, 46 min, 4 users, load average: 18.89, 18.61, 17.44

It’s interesting that your reporting high loads on all the servers. Rollo normally has good loads (~3-4) for a shared server, but right now it is at
10:53:54 up 18 days, 20:56, 3 users, load average: 17.91, 15.25, 11.81

Hopefully DH solves whatever the bigger issue is (maybe another router spitting out excessive packets?)

Check out Gordaen’s Knowledge, the blog, and the MR2 page.

It would be nice if they could fix these intermittent problelms that have plagued all of us for the past few months, but I’m actively looking for something elsewhere.

I seriously can’t deal with this anymore.

and climbing!

[hyperion]$ w
11:03:53 up 18 days, 21:07, 8 users, load average: 42.47, 27.91, 20.82

I have a domain that is up, but two subdomains are down… Yesturday, I had another domain down as well.

We’ve been off the air for almost an hour now. Bourbon is actually up (and hasn’t gone down), just no apache.

How’s your server load now? Mine returned to normal a bit after those posts now it is:

17:54:33 up 19 days, 3:57, 5 users, load average: 3.78, 3.53, 3.52

Good luck with changing hosts if you do end up going that route.

Check out Gordaen’s Knowledge, the blog, and the MR2 page.

email is out on at least 13 of my domains…6 websites down completely…8 very very slow to load…and 5 fully up and ok


I started the process of moving some of my domains to media temple yesterday.

Initial impression is the site response times seem to be light years ahead of dreamhost (database driven dynamic content). Where I was seeing several seconds to load a page, they are now coming up immediately.

Time will tell how their uptime is, but from what I’ve heard it can be no worse than what we have here.

Thanks for all the replies!