Doubt about transferring a domain

another doman transfer issue
So, yesterday I signed up for an hosting plan here, and decided to transfer my old domain as well. It all went smooth till the transferring the domain part.

Basically I didn’t input the auth code in the request so, even if it is written it may take up to a week to end the process the emails to get it thru began to arrive in minutes, which i thought it was cool, but so fastly my request rightly failed and then got rejected for not providing the auth code. I reissued another request right after but got no new email since then regarding the process even tho in the panel the transfer request is signed as pending.

My doubt is, did I spend all my good karma with that mistake and have to actually wait up to a week or something to get the process running again or there are other steps to be taken without those I am waiting at a dead end track?

i recently transferred my domain to dreamhost, and my old registrar didn’t give me any indication that they were going to automatically deny my transfer request since i was using their anonymous whois service (shame on them). so my first attempt got sent from dreamhost to the old registrar and denied. it was my first time transferring a domain and i was stuck with the week-long expiry period on the dreamhost side because dreamhost didn’t get a response from my old registrar saying that the transfer was denied.

thankfully i knew why it was denied, so i filed a support ticket with dreamhost to see if they could delete my first request so i could try again. they got back to me that same day, deleted my first request, and i sent the request the second time and got my domain successfully transferred.

your situation sounds similar. make sure you have the auth code, contact support and tell them you forgot to enter the auth code on your first request and if they can delete the request for you, you’ll promise to do it right this time :slight_smile: worked for me!

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Allright, it seems that i just had to wait a little more. I did contact support as well and they immediately answered me back that it was safe to wait it out since the request was resulting succesful. And I just got contacted from both sides and received the “registration completed” email =)