Doubt About DH Service

I want to know if i create an website like Youtube uploading videos and more, if I get problem for member that upload a Video with copirygth.

Waiting answer to contract the service.

Your better off asking support your specific questions when it comes to the TOS, as we’re just customers, but…

You should monitor the content of your site, since it is you that’s responsible for it. That’s true with all hosts.

Remember that YouTube pretty much has a ton of money for lawyers when they need them, so you don’t want to get sloppy.

Basically, if it’s legal, it’s okay with Dreamhost. If I had a video upload site, I’d probably moderate it and approve/reject each one. If someone uploads an episode of Seinfeld, or a camcorder movie bootleg, it’s probably not theirs to give away. :wink:

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If you learn that someone uploaded copyrighted material, then you would have to immediately remove the material. That is the law. So, you would need to stay on top of your site, always checking files, reading emails from folks who claim the material is copyrighted, and constantly checking if it is in fact copyrighted. If it came down to you and/or dreamhost ever got a cease-and-desist letter, and you did not remove the copyrighted material…then I think dreamhost has every right to immediately shut you down.