Double-Pass Spam Filtering with Gmail

Hi, I am trying to setup the Double-Pass Spam Filtering with Gmail as described here but I am not sure I have understood the instructions.
I followed the instructions carefully but after copying the two files into my home dir, it stopped all mails getting to me.

I am confused about what it is actually supposed to do! Can I use this with any emails at my domain?

Here’s what I wanted to do: I have a main domain email account called But I would like to send the address: thru this gmail spam loop. I do NOT have this account at my domain, it is captured by the catch-all feature.

So I tried to put the email in the .procmailc file along with my address. My gmail account was setup to forward all mails received to the address back to

When I set this up, all mails to my address are lost. They dont get delivered.

Is it possible the catch-all gets in the way? If so, why do all my get lost?

Any ideas? Or have i missunderstood the way this works?

Many thanks

I have just been re-reading this and found:
NOTE: You can not do this with a mailbox user (those m###### accounts) you have to do it with a real user (with shell access).

Does this mean that procmail can only work on the base email address and no more? That seems a little poor??

If you use a desktop mail client to read your mail, I’ve posted a howto on setting that up with gmail spam filtering:

Otherwise, you might want to create a seperate account and forward the mail back from gmail into the seperate account instead of using the double-pass. If you use Squirrelmail for reading your mail, it does have the ability to set a different reply-to address.

Thanks for your reply, I did read with interest your blog post on that. Very good idea too.

The issue now really is that I want to get this procmail thing working as it can be very powerful, the filtering, forwarding and adding of headers etc is very handy.

If anyone out there has procmail working, I would like to see a couple of examples that you are using please. Any help is appreciated.

I think I need to just get a simple procmail filter going so I can grasp the workings.

Tnanks again, your method is a great idea and your posting it here to help others is very helpful.