Double-load my wp subdomain


I’m working with a new WordPress install at and I’m finding that as I click from link to link, I have to reload every page to get it to come up. It’s like I have to call the server twice for every page.

Very strange! Any ideas?

Thank you…

For me it’s a problem with Dreamhost’s servers and wp-cache. There is a fix here (blank pages) that I applied in the past which fixed the problem, however the one-click upgrade seems to have reverted back to the original code somehow so I needed to change the code again.

Yeah, I noticed that problem with the wp-cache plugin as well. As amanvell said, the easy answer is in the wiki:

[quote]If you have “blank pages” in Wordpress with wp-cache turned on after you upgrage to PHP 5.1.2 - there is simple fix to solve the problem:-

  1. Open wp-cache-phase2.php file* in your favourite text editor
  2. Find out wp_cache_ob_end function
  3. then inside that function find out line with: ob_end_clean(); (it should be line 219 or about)
  4. and finally replace that line with: ob_end_flush(); [/quote]
    The difference is that the clean function clears the buffer and the flush function sends the data from the buffer before clearing it.

Check out Gordaen’s Knowledge, the blog, and the MR2 page.