Double content in unknown folder/user

Probably this is answered elsewhere but I really didn’t find anything about it.

My content (whole folder, web site) is doubled say, if my account is “myaccount”, like this:


Main account forlder is:

Is that normal? Can I safely delete [color=#0000CC]/home/.mickey /myaccount/[/color] ? Who the heck is “.mickey” and how happened my web to be there?

Any help is appreciated, I just don’t feel safe when I’m all over the disk.

That indicates that you have somehow copied all the files into both directories (which can sometimes happen if you have you “initial directory” setting in your ftp client confused. I wouldn’t say it is “normal” but there are lots of ways it can happen (all related to the way you transferred the files).

The normal (default) set-up on DH is for your domain to be hosted from /home/youraccount/yourdomain.tld (where “myaccount” = yourusername)…if that is what you are saying you have, and if all your “content” uses relative urls, then you can probably safely delete the content files from “myaccount”, but you will need to leave that directory in place, as that is your main user space.

This also assumes you have “mycontent” set as the directory you domian uses as it’s “webtroot” or “base” directory. By default, on DH, the directory is names “yourdomain.tld”.

“.mickey” is what dreamhost calls a “dataglob” and you can find information about it here in the forum, and on the Dreamhost Wiki, just search for “dataglob”.


Thanks for your reply rlparker.

So you’re saying that this “dataglob” thing is OK as long as all data structure is in DH normal setup : /home/myaccount/mydomain.tld ?

I’m very sure I didn’t copied the files into that second directory (/home/.lorenzo/myaccount/mydomain.tld/). I’m using Dreamweaver and CuteFTP for uploads and modifications and both they are configured to handle all the files into /home/myaccount/…

It’s kinda weird because my scripts are showing this “dataglob” path instead the path I expect. But I’m still wondering is it safe to delete this dataglob folder? It’s simply normal to have just /home/account…or is it just me? :slight_smile:

Yes :slight_smile:

That’s unfortunate, becuase that’s where the files need to be to be visible from the web via DNS (if you want to see those files by going in a browser to your domain). SOmehow, they managed to find their way to the “mycontent” directory (which is good, so they can be seen).

Which is “OK”, I suppose, if that’s really where you want them to be - they won’t be visible from the web if they are there - see my comment above.

How your "scripts’ might be affecting any/all of this are an unknown to me, as I don’t know what you are running. You will not be able to delete the dataglob folder, as you don’t own it (root does), but you can , and probably should delete any references to it in any paths you insert into your scripts (it is not needed by the script(s)). If a script “display” that as part of a path that you did not enter yourself, that is “ok”, because the dataglob will show up in some environment/system variables. Did you read the wiki and forum posts about "dataglobs); all this is explained there.

for the purposes of the operation of your site, that’s exactly what you have. The dataglob directory simply symlinks to /home/account.

The two issues you are having are not related. Your “content” needs to be at least a directory level beneath /home/myaccount (or /home/.dataglob/myaccount - which, for you purposes, should be considered to be the same directory) to be visible form the web.

I suspect your Dreamhweaver / ftp settings need tweaking - content for display needs to go below the /home/myaccount/ level under the default Dreamhost setup. I suppose you could have re-assigned the directory for your domain to be /home/myaccount, but that would be very foolish from a security standpoint.


Well, most of the question marks in my head are now replaced by exclamation marks, thanks to you, although there are still many left… I’m new to all this *nix stuff, or whatever it is and I see now that this will be a struggle, exciting one.

Thank you so much for your explanations and directions. Very good posts you have, I might say :slight_smile:

No problem! Hopefully it will all start to become clear as your explore the directory structure, and continue to learn about how the directories are set up to host a site.

There is a lot of help available in the Dreamhost Wiki, and there are many users here on the forum who are more knowledgeable about much of this than am I - don’t hesitate to post again if you have additional problems.


Did you figure out what the “dataglob” stuff was about? It’s basically a handle for the NSF mount to your files and a link is made from /home/.dataglob/username to /home/username so as long as you don’t have the .dataglob portion in the filename the system should always be able to find it even if they have to move you to a new dataglob. (This is how they manage file space). Copying to the path with the dataglob is just fine - just don’t refer to it in your scripts or configurations.

There’s info on the wiki if you’re interested.