Double billed!


I see there seem to be some talk about DH customers who were recently double-billed. That happened to me as well and although DH Support promised me on Jan. 15 that the duplicate billing would be refunded in 2 days max, I have yet to receive a refund. I have sent two messages in reply to the original email from DH about this, complaining nicely, but nothing in response. It’s the first time in years that I’ve had any problems with DH and this has been disappointing to say the least.


You should definitely contact support if you don’t think you’ve been credited properly.

Do you have access to the date that the erroneous charge posted to your account? It seems to be the case that in many cases, Dreamhost has issued the credit through your credit card, but as with all banking transactions, the inevitable/normal delay in posting applies. Checking with your bank or credit card issuer may also provide some additional information, as they can often see credits that haven’t posted yet.

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This accident is really rare.

According to DH status The problem should be solved already. Those who have been double charge should already get the refund.

If you do not see the refund in your credit card, I’ll suggest you to contact DH support.

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They may have put it through, but it has to go through the bank, which isn’t going to count the 19th through the 21st because of the weekend and holiday.

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Thanks for the responses. The refund finally went through today (Jan. 23). I assume it was delayed so much because of the holidays.