DotProject Timezone


I have a installed Dotproject but I live in Spain so the time of all features is wrong.
I’m trying to fix timezone by changing the code, but I can’t. I have read around the forum and I have tried this:

  • Insert putenv(‘TZ=Europe/Madrid’); function in date.class.php file. Only works in the forums and files sections.
    I have looked here:

  • I have also tried adding a new function in date.class.php in the “class CDate extends Date”:

[php]public function __construct($date=null)
$this->tz = Date_TimeZone::getDefault();
if (is_null($date)) {
$this->setDate(date(“Y-m-d H:i:s”));
} elseif (is_a($date, ‘Date’)) {
} else {
$offset = 9; // How man hours different are you? (always positive)
// If your clock is ahead of the server, uncomment this line:
// If your clock is behind of the server, uncomment this line:
// $this->subtractSeconds(6060$offset);
} [/php]

This work! But it has a serious problem… In the calendar doesn’t work month’s next and previous buttons, neither years. This is because it always only points today.
I have looked here:

I need help please!