dotProject Install



I just installed dotProject.

Everything has gone smoothly.

But I need to remove the

and I’m not sure where the files for dotProject are located.

Through ftp the only folders and files I’m seeing are my wordpress blog install.

Also, I need to change the password and it sounds like I need to do this directly using a command line but I’m not sure where I go to actually access and communicate via command line.

I’ve checked the documentation for dotProject and this forum and haven’t seen anything.

I’m not a programmer (obviously) so dumb as these questions may sound these are questions I’m not finding answers on.


When you log in you should see a directory named dotProject and inside that will be another named install


Thanks for your help. Much appreciated!
To clarify, log in to Dreamhost or log in to dotProject?


When you log in using SFTP :slight_smile: