Can I use dreamhost to host my doorways?

As long as it is legal according to US laws and there’s nothing mentioned about them in the TOS, I can’t see any reasons why it wouldn’t be okay.

Thanks …

what do you mean by hosting a doorways ?!

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The first two things that come to mind when I hear “doorway” would be:

  1. A backdoor to a site that will be spamvertised, with hopes that the main site (on another account) won’t pay the price.

That would be a no-no here.

  1. A backdoor to a site that isn’t spammed (other than search engine spamming, by most SE’s definitions), but is hosted on a separate account. Often nothing more than a link from an IP on a different C-class than the actual site… just looking for links/Google PR.

Number 2 would be harmless, though some search engines can/will see through it, especially if a competitor reports it and you get checked out by an actual human in the abuse department.

If the doorway is just intended to capture type-in traffic, it’s a good idea to just use a 301 redirect to the main site. That way, visitors will still find your site and there’s no need to worry about a search engine considering it as doorway spam.

Since the poster asked if it was okay, I’d guess he was referring to number one.

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Won’t pay the prize for what?

The price for spamming.

Putting a doorway on one host, to your main site on another host, then spamming the doorway page. It’s still the same as spamming the main site.

If host A get 10,000 complaints about a one-page site on their server that’s getting spamvertised, then they see the site is nothing more than a doorway to a site on a different host, they’re probably going to pass along the complaints.

Plus, most people that will go through the trouble of reporting you, will also report you to the business hosting the site that the doorway leads to.

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Doorways are also sometimes used by those that use cloaking techniques in an attempt to fool the search engines.

Cloaking is basically a technique that serves highly optimised (mostly nonsense) content to search engine spiders, but regular content to normal visitors. This can result in higher search engine placement, even for terms that do not appear in the regular content.

The downside to cloaking, other than its moral implications, is that the search engines will generally penalise (or ban) any site found to be using the technique. Sometimes a doorway page (or many pages) is created to separate the cloaking domain from the main domain, in an attempt to prevent any search engine bans from effecting the main domain.


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