Don't use dreamhost!

If you’re thinking of using DreamHost - please, please don’t make that mistake. I was a happy customer up until this morning when I submitted a support request because one of our user’s could not login to her email. I received a prompt reply from a technician saying that they ran some tests on the account and noticed an issue and that they are running a script on their side to correct the problem. Before I could even respond to the support request, the technician had run the script on the user’s account. I thought all of this was very efficient until they asked me to login to the user’s email account and then I realised the Inbox was completely empty. The technician had deleted 4 months worth of emails! I responded to him thinking, not a big deal, there must be a backup on their server somewhere, right? Nope, no backups anywhere.

If the technician had used his brain and / or warned me that he was making account changes that could result in data loss, one of us could have backed up the account before any changes were made.

They are not even apologetic about the situation.

Please don’t waste your time with this host - go somewhere else!!

i am not understanding why are you telling like this as i am happy with them and using this host for many days. I think something is going wrong with your request.

I’ve been using Dreamhost since 2008. They are not perfect, but no host is. Overall I’ve been very happy with them.