Don't understand why my site doesn't look right

I remade the website for my work located at It looks fine in IE but when I try opening it up in Mozilla or Firefox it shifts some. Any ideas?

Mozilla and/or Firefox are proper, standards-compliant browsers, so they highlight the problems with your code. Internet Explorer is more forgiving of problems, so it is not a good idea to design with it.

Your site layout uses frames and tables, and you use JavaScript rollovers. These techniques are considered “old school” - legacies of the browser wars in the late '90s. Because of that, it makes it excruciatingly difficult to debug.

You have a very simple design, so I recommend rebuilding the site without frames, using plain old HTML and a little bit of CSS. You will find it faster, easier to work with, and more compatible with the different varieties of browser.

Simon Jessey
Keystone Websites | si-blog

Great. Thanks.

Some hints and tips on Web development are in my site:

– Dan