Don't panic!



DreamHost made a cock-up, that’s known and admitted.

However, one simple step which I would recommend for ALL billing arrangements (not just DreamHost), which I have personally being doing for years - NEVER, EVER, AUTO BILL.

Other companies can (and will) screw up billing systems and those using auto-bill will be hurt by those other companies.

Before you think of jumping ship to another hosting company, please think of the following:

  1. Rather large shared hosting companies whose names begin with an B - and the other beginning with a H - Don’t offer automatic SSH/Telnet usage - you have to fanny around send off forms of identity - something I personally will never, ever do.

  2. Other shared hosts use a cheat (parked domains in a cPanel environment) instead of true unique / individual accounts, meaning that you as the account holder may have to perform many simple administration functions for them - something which can be got round when using DreamHost.

Final note: The recent outburst by the hosting company whose name beings with the letter ‘L’ is, IMHO, nothing more than a load of old sour grapes.

Don’t panic - DreamHost will be here forever! The current mess will be got-over.



It is hard to see how the L hosting company can pass themselves off as “more mature” with comments in their blog post implying violence in place of competition:

“sport some bruises”

“We would really be all for meeting you guys in a parking lot with a hoop somewhere and calling it a “game”.”

“I’m picturing more of a UFC/Hoop type of event.
you know, like a cage with a basketball in it?”

How does this not sound like wanting a schoolyard fight?


It’s put me right off ‘L’, even though I had not rated them, either.

On another point: DreamHost normally reply to my own tickets well within an hour, but ‘B’ haven’t replied for over a week to what was a simple, straightforward one.


Sounds like they’re relying on their own mail servers.

Or hitting the bottle with whatsisface. That bloke with the men’s sports shoe fetish.


What pisses me off is that we were warned of over billing on Jan 16th and they still took another year’s hosting from me on Jan 18th!

No replies to emails asking when my money will be refunded, nor anything said about reimbursing bank charges. I am charged $6 everytime money leaves, or enters my account from/to overeseas. I’m currently $AU148 (Including AU136 DH billing) out of pocket and bloody unimpressed!


I want to die in my sleep like my Grandfather. Not kicking and screaming like his passengers!


You knew about it on the 16th yet didn’t act?


You’re a braver man than many. Much braver than the pathetic weaklings who choose to take the cowardly path of securing their credit arrangements after being forewarned of the possibility of problems occuring.

I really admire the true players of this world who cast all fear aside and just let it roll.