Dont own domain on Dreamhost


I have a domain registered with godaddy but hosting with dreamhost. What should I do to get my hosting on dreamhost?


ok so you have a domain name registered elsewhere (godaddy) but you want to host the domain on your dreamhost account is that right? on your dh control panel go to manage domains and add the domain to be fully hosted. take note of which user you pick it to run under because you would need that information for ftp or ssh whatever type of user you had created. then its just a matter of putting whatever files into the folder (whatever your domain name happens to be).


you’ll need to point your godaddy domain to DH’s webservers. check the wiki. there’s extensive documentation on this


GoDaddy’s domain name manager/DNS manager should help you quickly if you get any problems they have a tech support number for domains, explain you want to change your domain name settings and they should help (explain you want to point them outside of godaddy’s servers)

OK, here is the number for the US- (480) 505-8877

The domain name servers are and

Hope this helps :slight_smile: