Don't have a clue what to do next :)

So I signed up for an account, got my domain name and don’t have any idea what to do next. I have a site already that was designed by someone else and also hosted by them. My idea was that I would just copy that site and make a few changes and upload the copy to Dreamhost. I copied the original with WinHTTrack and made the changes but I can’t seem to make an ftp connection to Dreamhost. Right now all I have is a domain name and nothing else. I’m old and know bees but clueless when it comes to this stuff. Any help much appreciated.
Thanks, Dave

Unless the site is completely static the first step will be to get an archive of the original site files from the person who is currently hosting the website. This includes all scripts, images, database backups, etc.

I hope what you are asking by “static” is does it stay the same with no animation. Yes it is static, just an information site
I already have the file I want to upload , just can’t get a connection with ftp

No, unfortunately. By static I mean “not dynamic” - and the website you linked to appears to contain a few dynamic elements in it’s functionality. You could create static .html pages from the currently dynamic .aspx content (forgoing any dynamic features) and host them as single static pages. Another alternative would be to have someone convert the website to a more Linux-friendly dynamic code base such as PHP, etc.

Thank you for that info as it all helps but the difficulty I am having now is making an initial ftp connection. The email I got from dreamhost gave me a username and told I can login through my domain or and that is where I get stuck.

… might want to review this page, lot of good info here:

Take a look in Panel > Domains > Manage Domains

The user you should be connecting with will be listed next to the domain – Fully Hosted / User: [username]


I face similar problems as you, I also do not know how to install a site properly.

I guess you can try to contact with the person who built you the site.