Hey guys,

I am having some trouble with a php issue. It worked fine in php 4.3.4, but on an upgraded version it is throwing an error. Appearantly, the old way of calling a file was a security issue, so they “fixed” it, but now my older code is giving me problems. J

Here is the scoop:

Here is the error page:

And then here is the code on that page: (this line that starts with “$xmlDoc” is line 84)


function PrintLinksTable($xPathWhere){

$columnCount = 6;

$xmlDoc = domxml_open_file(realpath(“Links.xml”));


PrintError(“Error Loading Link Information”);


$xmlNodes = xpath_eval_expression(xpath_new_context($xmlDoc), $xPathWhere);

$xmlNodeArray = $xmlNodes->nodeset;

$nodeCount = count($xmlNodeArray);

if($nodeCount <= 0){

PrintError(“Error Loading Link Information. No Results.”);

So I found this talking about how to implement the “new” way to call:

but I don’t know enough of php to know how to fix it. L any of you php guys out there dealt with this and can share?

so no one has any ideas on this? I am new to dreamhost and love everything, but i can’t move sites here if i can’t figure this out. I really don’t wanna try to find another host :frowning: