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I’m looking at chaning my hosting to DH. I currently have my domain name registered with another company not associated with my current host.

Looking at the “Crazy Domain Insane” plan, am I understanding this correctly.

  1. I sign up for the plan, I get one brand new domain of my choice free with the hosting plan, and never have to pay additional charges for reregistering as the years go on.

  2. My old domain name, registered elsewhere, can continue to be registred there and will work with this hosting package once I add it in the control panel.

  3. The 15 subdomains I get, is that 15 total for the account, or is that 15 per full domian on that hosting plan.

Thanks for the insight


G’day, Jason.

  1. Yes - for as long as you remain a paying customer.
  2. Yes
  3. 15 per plan - every domain fully hosted with DreamHost comes with 5 free sub-domains (3 x 5 = 15).
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  1. Like Mashbar said “Yes - for as long as you remain a paying customer.”
  2. You will need to set the Name servers to Dreamhosts in order for them to work.
  3. Mirrored, and redirected sites dont count toward this total. So if you have just redirecting to it doesnt count towards your 15.

Dont forget Promo code 777. to use it sign up for a year prepaid of CDI, (No setup fee). Choose your new domain name… and when it asks, use promo code 777. your total for the year (Including Domain name Registration) will be UNDER $10 (77 cents a month).


Dreamhost signup

thanks for the info


Is that $10/yr for the life of the account or just this 1st year??

First, after that it’s $10/mo (or 7.95/mo if you prepay for 2 years) for hosting, and Name registration. (It’s still a good deal at that price.)


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