Hey, i posted awhile ago because my domain wouldnt work that my friend bought… and i just found out today that she spelt it wrong :frowning: she put instead of is there anyway i could get it fixed without having to re-buy it…

That’s a rough one! I have seen this happen a few times before, and investigated it then. The bad news is that I was able to find no way to “correct” an erroneously purchased domain name. You really can’t correct the spelling; the domain, as spelled, is what was “purchased”.

The good news, I suppose, is that if your friend registers the proper name, he/she can always “point” the mis-spelled domain at the correct one, and probably derive some benefit of getting traffic from visitors who might also mis-spell the name.

Good Luck!


It’s only $10. Just eat the loss and get the correct spelling registered. Rlparker pointed out, this can be a good thing: many spam domains rely on mispellings to promote their advertisings. Have you tried to goto Google and missed an ‘o’? Or reversed the ‘l’ and ‘e’? It’s a nightmare cause those sites contain so much junk. ‘Piece’ is one of the more misspelt words, too.

Here’s what I’d do:
Register the correct spelling, set that domain as your “free” domain (hosted accounts have a free registration) and then just eat the $10 a year for the misspelt one and do a re-write redirect to the properly spelt one or you can host a single index.html page saying “you mispelt this domain” and direct them to the proper site.

aww that sucks but you guys also made some good points…