Hi there everyone!

I’ve got a website and want to change the domain name of it. Is this at all possible? Even though my website is quite new I don’t want to have to go through the process of uploading and configuring Wordpress and Gallery2 all over again (that in itself took nearly 10 hours!)

The easiest way to do it would be to purchase another domain name and then set it up as a mirror of the existing one.

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Thanks! I think i may just set it up all again on the new address as I want to use the old address for something different. So there’s no way at all for Dreamhost or myself to transfer the files/databases from one domain to the other?

For wordpress it should just be a case of changing the website address in the configuration before you change the domain name (it will break when you do this but then should be ok once the domain is changed). You may also need to change anything that uses the old domain name such as uploaded images etc.

I don’t know about gallery it may just involve changing the configuration too, I’m sure there will be someone somewhere that has done it.

When you register the new domain just point it to the folder the current site is in.

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haha I just managed to break it all already!

Well, as I said in the original post, as my website’s new I thought it’d probably be easiest in the longterm to start again. At least I’ve learnt a lot! Thanks for the help anyways, it’s much appreciated (and very speedy might I add) x

Ouch! I suppose this post is probably too late to be of much help to you, and I’m sorry about that. To the degree that it might be helpful to others reading this thread and finding themselves in a situation similar to yours, I’ll go a head and point out that:

The WordPress Codex has a very good guide to “Moving WordPress”, which explains how to handle most any circumstance you are likely to encounter, and does it in a clear and easy to follow manner. :wink: