Hey, I was wondering if anyone can help me with domains…

I’m not very good with webhosting and such, so yeah…

well when I signed up with dream host, I got a domain, but now I want to delete that one and create a new one.

Is that possible? If so, please help me.

If I’m not too clear with what I need help on, please tell me and I’ll try to reprhase it! Thanks! =)

Do you mean you want to change your web address or delete everything you uploaded and start over?

Yeah, I want a whole new domain and delete everything and start over…

As far as changing the domain name (your web address) contact customer support and ask them on what you need to do, they should beable to create a new address for you, but it may cost.
Any ftp program should beable to select all folders below the domain name and delete the folders and files. Some may be hidden, so not all files and folders will be remove, unless your ftp program can view hidden files and folders or you use telnet to remove all files and folders. As for directions on using telnet I will leave that up to someone more experienced.
Hope this helps,