Hi I have this plan and this is what it says…

"Domain Registration 1 out of 1
FTP Users 1 out of 75

  • who also have shell access 0 out of 75
    Mailboxes 1 out of 600
    Storage Space (MB) 64.652 out of 2400
    Mirror/Parked/Redirect Domains 0 out of unlimited
    Full Domains 1 out of 3
    Sub Domains 0 out of 15
    Bandwidth Usage (GB/Month) 0 out of 120
    MySQL Databases 2 out of unlimited
    Quicktime Streaming Domains 0 out of unlimited"

Does this mean that I can register 2 more domains without paying anything? IM confused on this matter! Please help. Thanks!

It means you can “fully host” 2 more domains for a total of 3 full hosted domains but they are not free, you can register them with DH or another registrar.

how much does it cost to register a new domain?

USD14.95 a year if you register through DreamHost.
All the best -

USD8.95 a year if you register through Godaddy.

It’s a good idea to keep the domain registrar separate from your webhost.