Domains without Hosting


My plan is not to renew my crazy domain insane package with you however I would like to be able to keep my domain registrations and just redirect them to the new host.

Is it possibly to have an account where I can just manage the domains I have already registered with DH?

Also why can’t I set my plan NOT to auto-renew?


You might want to ask Support, not other users (this forum). There’s no problem using only DH’s registrar services though.
Do you have several users for the web panel? If the one you are using doesn’t have the right privileges, then you won’t be able to change the hosting.


You mean the button that says “Help Is On” that then changes to “Help is Off” every time I click on it?

I’ve been waiting a few days now for help is on to actually be on. Besides which my understanding was that this was the support forum.

Whenever I have managed to get thru on that chat client I’m invariably told to look on those wikis, but those wikis suck, and they’re obviously not updated that often.

It’s quite frustrating because I’ve dozens of sites with various configurations that I need to move ASAP and I need to ask questions but there’s nobody to answer them.

So maybe you, or someone else, can help me instead.

I can move my files over and just point the NS to my new host, that works fine. The thing is I’m not sure what to do for my email accounts.

  1. What do I need to do on the DH CP side for my DH-hosted email a/cs?

  2. Do I need to do anything at all for my Gmail/Apps or can I just leave them as is, since they’re already pointing at the same domain name?

It’s all this MX stuff I’m a bit flaky on, basically.

No, just me.


This is a discussion forum for customers. You can contact support by clicking ‘support’ at the bottom of the left-hand column.


Let’s have 3 cheers for Captain Obvious.


The button that says “Help is On” shows and hides an informational help box in the panel. It has nothing at all to do with tech support.


Since support are ignoring me I foolishly thought someone here might actually help me - I guess that’s not going to happen either then.

Really, I don’t understand the mentality of someone who will go out of their way to not help someone. If you don’t want to help me, then don’t reply to my thread.

I get an email and go, “oh great someone replied to my thread” thinking, like a sucker, that somebody might actually have something useful to contribute.

Why would you answer when you don’t have an answer. It doesn’t serve any purpose, you could just do nothing, but instead you go out of your way to do something more useless than nothing I mean what do you actually get out of it?

I straight up can’t figure out what motivates people like that, seriously, this is a forum where people ask questions - if you don’t have an answer then don’t reply - this is simple forum etiquette that people have been using since the days of Usenet. More than that it’s just simple common sense.

Do you think I haven’t tried with support? Have you ever actually dealt with support?

Support don’t do jack shit because frankly dreamhost couldn’t care less whether I live or die.

The support emails take forever to get answered and my chat seems to have been disabled, the last time I spoke to them I was trying to get specific information as to how my sites over to a new host. I had a few questions to ask and I had the chat terminated before I could get my answers.

Since then I haven’t seen the chat icon for over a week. My suspicion is that it has been disabled on my CP and my email is being being deliberately ignored so that I will be forced to renew for another two weeks once my hosting comes up for renewal. But that’s never, EVER going to happen.

Every time I’ve had a problem all I’ve gotten in return as a paying customer is:

a) support that never answers
b) support that gives smart ass answer that are unhelpful
c) support that doesn’t actually listen and just tells me to look at an irrelevant wiki page before cutting me off

and now we can add to that

d) smart-asses on forums telling me to go talk to support

So all I can do is bang my head off a brick wall in the hope that I might, just maybe, find somebody who will give me the information that I need so I can finally move my websites off this useless, half-assed, ham-fisted excuse for a webhosting company before their servers go splat once again and I’m left there refreshing dreamhoststatus with my thumb up my ass

But yeah, thanks for that vital information as to how to click the support button to contact support, I would never have figured that out without your wonderfully insightful comments.


It seems you may have missed the answers the first time around:

Answer: There’s no problem using only DH’s registrar services though.
If that’s not clear, perhaps a simple yes is better?

Answer: If the one you are using doesn’t have the right privileges, then you won’t be able to change the hosting.
Other than that, there’s nothing that other customers can do to resolve your billing situation. That is completely beyond the scope of this forum. I personally have no problem clicking on the edit button then selecting from one of the three options, two of which begin with End. The only reason why you wouldn’t be able to do that is if you were logging in with a user account which does not have the right privileges.

I guess for someone that can’t click on the Help in on/off button and notice the info boxes slide in and out of view, then it might be understandable that you can’t find the answers to your questions in the first reply.