Domains, Sub-Domains, Nameservers, and different providers

I’d just like to get confirmation on a policy.
I have an associate with domain, hosted with another major provider like DH. We’d like to get to point to space at DH, whether shared, VPS, or DreamCompute. He has full control of a nameserver to create a CNAME to an IP address or as an alias. We don’t want to point to NS1/2/3 DH nameservers, as that would require my associate to then come into my DH account to manage that domain.

What are the rules and options?


You can definitely do this. I have several sites on DH that use a 3rd party DNS server.

Just setup hosting for on DH, look up the IP address DH gave it, then add an A record on your DNS host to map to the IP address.

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Well, I was going to say that after trying your suggestion, it seems to be dead wrong. However, you’re absolutely right! :smiley:

A subdomain can’t be created unless the domain is created. OK, I added the domain, even though I’m not hosting it. The confirmation showed:

 must be using our nameservers to work

And that’s the kind of message that prompted my inquiry.

But yes, I looked at the DNS area and saw the IP. So I then created the subdomain anyway, and this time of course it worked.Then I told my associate to create an “A” record for the subdomain name to go to this DH IP address. He questioned that and suggested a CNAME, but my buddy @habilis here said “A” record, so that’s what we used. Within a minute or so the subdomain was indeed hitting the DH IP and file space. I added some software and friends, we are rockin!

Thanks Chuck!

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