Domains registered elsewhere on Dreamhost VPS?

I was looking at the Wiki’s and I’m not well versed in the whole domain and dns stuff. But here’s what I want to do.

I have two domains that are not hosted by Dreamhost, due to the domain holder wants rights to the domains and doesn’t want to transfer them to me. The holder does want me to run the site on my Dreamhost VPS, and manage it.

Would the domain holder just need to switch the name servers on his registration to the ns1 ns2 dreamhost servers?

Along with setting the A record for www and nothing to point to my vps’s ip. Then I would just add a domain under the domain management in cpanel and map it to a user on the vps?

Thank in advance for the help

Yes :slight_smile: The holder would just need to change the nameservers to dreamhost.

Then when you add the domain to your account with us, it’ll take it from there :slight_smile:

That’s the best way, but be aware if they have MX records for mail in the DNS you may have to do it another way, or set the mx records up on dreamhost. Setting the registration to use dreamhost nameservers will do that for all…

Thanks a lot! For once I was right :slight_smile: