Domains question

i just registered my domain on dreamhost yet, i dont have any domains in my account.can anyone help out a newbie here?

this is the message i get.
“Please select which plan you would like to add this domain or sub-domain to.
You do not appear to have any services that allow you to add an extra domain. You probably want to sign up for an Extra Domain add-on at the Add Services panel.”

yeah that’s what i thought. i already registed my domain in dreamhost. am i suppose to wait a couple more days before its activated?

or is it because my account says pending approval?


Once your hosting account is set up, you should receive e-mail notification. At that time you should be able to work with domains on that account.


how long does it take before my account is activated?

Some people report being set up within a day, others, longer. Probably some of it depends on method of payment. If you just signed up, the wait’s probably a great opportunity to work on your web pages. :wink: