Domains on DH, hosting elsewhere, how to point domains to main one?

I have my primary domain:

registered with DH, but hosted with someone else

I want to forward all the variation domains I bought through DH to the .org one. What am I missing? Is this something that can be done through the DH web panel or do I do it on my hosting end?

Sorry for the noob question, but a search had some results from years ago and the webpanel and options have changed.

When you buy a domain name registration thru dreamhost, you also have to choose how you want that domain hosted. (unless you changed them, nameservers will be set to dreamhost by default.)

If the nameservers on those alternate domains are dreamhost name servers, go the panel and click on “manage domains”, then click the add domain / sub-domain button at the top of the page. On the page that follows, scroll down, the page is made up of several independent “forms” the first of which is called “fully hosted”. In this case you will want to till out either the “Redirect” section or the “DNS Only” section of the page depending on the needs of the receiving site.

Yep yep. So at the moment, all the sites are set to “DNS Only”.

So, go to “Manage Domans”, down to the Redirect section, put in JETAACANBERRA.COM and redirect to JETAACANBERRA.ORG and make sure the .COM has the DreamHost DNS settings plugged in?

I will test and try but it takes a while to propogate.

Thanks for that.

actually instead of DNS only I would just change it to a redirect. Click Edit in the web hosting column of the DNS only entry and you will be able to change it to a simple redirect.

Cheers, this has seemed to work for one of my domains but not the other two. I have no idea why, the setting seem to be the same.

I just refreshed the DNS settings on one of them to see if that flushed out some problems so will wait to see how it goes :\

Ahh cool, it has all worked itself out. Thanks guys.