Domains in the Web Panel

I am wondering if someone from dreamhost can clarify why the web panel sucks so bad. When changes are made to the domains section, it says that it will take 5 or 10 minutes to take effect. Hours later, nothing happens. E-mails from support go unanswered for literally days at a time, and when they do answer, they say that it takes HOURS for changes to take effect.

Can someone clarify how long changes made via the panel take and why the dreamhost support is so poor? I now had 24 hours of downtime because changes made via that web panel are not having any effect. I am getting:

Site Temporarily Unavailable
We apologize for the inconvenience. Please contact the webmaster/ tech support immediately to have them rectify this.
error id: “bad_httpd_conf”

Now how long can it possibly take for someone to take a look at apache and resolve this problem for someone that has been a faithful customer for more than 5 years??

for an answer from Dreamhost, you’ll have to contact support. We’re only customers.

However, to fix your bad httpd conf, you should be able to log into the panel > Domains > Manage Domains > edit. Now just click save changes. That should regenerate the httpd conf for your domain, hopefully fixing the problem. Just give it a few min for the changes to take effect.