… I have been trying to renew my domain registration for last 24 hours, but the site appears to have been down since I got a renewal notice email. Anyone know anything about this?

Uh heh, it’s a little embarassing, but as usual we forgot to renew the domain in time! :frowning: It’s renewed now but probably won’t be up for a day or so as dns re-propogates.

In the meantime, use:

(it’s exactly the same!)


That sort of thing doesn’t give people much confidence in you as a domain registrar, you know… how can we trust you with our domains if you can’t manage your own?

– Dan

The irony has not escaped us…

hehe… First, then Now, I’m not saying that there’s a pattern forming here, but I’ve got $5 that says is offline on April 12th, 2004. ;^D

We’re way ahead of you - it’s going to be renewed for like 10 years Real Soon. Honest.

So hopefully the next big goof will at least be a different big goof.