I posted this but i dont no were it went?!

My friend bought two domains threw the same money order which is working for everyone and has had no problems and which only works for my friend who bought it for everyone else it says cannot be found and on sites to see if its aviable it says it is. :frowning:

what should we do?!

You clear your cache and wait. It takes a bit of time for your dns to start resolving everywhere on a new domain.

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we already did that a couple days ago i jsut dont understand like how come it says the domain is still avaible. like it hasnt even been registured.

so do you think that my friend should contact DH? because she spent her christmas money on this. and it should be working by now

Why you buy a domain it can take up to 24 hours for the domain to be added (this is not with just DreamHost - this is how the DNS system works).
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yes i no it takes 24 hours. But she sent the money in like on the 1st or so and the other domain she bought with it has been working for almost two weeks i would say. and my domain still says its not taken…

It doesn’t appear the domain has been registered. If she sent the money in and there is a positive balance on the account just register the domain.

No idea what happened the first time, maybe she didn’t click though all the registration pages or something.
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