Domain @ Yahoo, Hosting @ DH

Okay, here is the deal. Today I registered over at Yahoo. Then I registered for a year at with the level1 plan.

I obviously need to now forward anybody who visits to the dreamhost files. I also need to setup something on yahoo so my mailserver on DH is utilized.

On Yahoo’s Advanced DNS Settings page I’ve got 3 sections listed: A and CNAME records, mx records, name servers.

What do I need to add/delete/change in each of those 3 sections?

Under the name servers section, I have added the primary secondary and additional address that dreamhost has provided me via email. Other than that, I haven’t changed anything.

It is to my understanding that DH provides several email addresses, so I’d imagine in my Yahoo settings I’d need to change something under the mx records section to specify to use the mail servers over at DH.

Also I’m curious if I have to change anything in the a and cname records section. Also any other help would be appreciated.


Just the nameserver change should have been fine if you want to use DH services. It’ll take a while to propagate across the web though (nothing you can do about this but wait- or use the wait to build your site).


Okay, I did that already so I’m set on that part. I appreciate your help chell.

Now I think I need to set up the mx records section on the yahoo settings page. Is this correct? How can I be sure that the e.mail addresses I create with DH will actually work correctly?


Setting the name servers should have been enough, as far as the Yahoo end goes. Through the DreamHost control panel, add the e-mail addresses you want for your domain.