Domain "xyz"'s Registration expires on


Hi all,

I have a .com domain registered along with a .de domain, both domains have the same name. I got an email saying the .com domain expires on 23rd of july, so I renewed it, the .de domain expires on 26th of july, I also want to renew it but there is no button to do so, it only says: “Already renewed to DreamHost max.

What does this mean? What do I have to do to renew the .de domain?

Thanks in advance,


It would seem that something isn’t quite right in dreamhosts database. To get that fixed you would need to open a ticket with support explaining that your domain is just days away from expiration, but you are getting the “Already renewed” message.

Most everyone here is a customer just like yourself, you will need to go thru the official support channel to get that resolved.