Domain Will Not Resolve Back To My Dreamhost Account

Hello To Everyone,

I got the bright idea to use the “host with Google” in my Dreamhost Web Panel. At the time it seemed like a good idea, as I was going to use a Blogger template… so I didn’t think much about the change. Now however I don’t want Google to be in control of the DNS, and wanted to change things back to whereas my domain resolved back to being hosted by Dreamhost. So I went to the web panel and changed the hosting back to Dreamhost… so all should be fixed… but it’s not. I change the hosting back to Dreamhost, I manually added the Dreamhost DNS numbers thinking that could be it, and nothing I do makes Google release it’s grip. I contacted Dreamhost support, and they tell me to do what I have already done… so that’s of no help. Is there somewhere/something at Google that I need to change so my domain will resolve back to my Dreamhost account? I Thank Everyone In Advance For Any Help!


If you’ve set your domain back to DH’s nameservers, then go into your control panel for that domain name and choose to either fully host it or just have DH manage the DNS for it. That should tell DH what to do with it. Then, it’s just a matter of waiting at least 24 hours for the change to propogate throughout the rest of the net.