Domain vs Hosting


I have an odd question I don’t know where to put - but I procrastinated and now I have only a few hours (I need an answer so I can make a decision before I lose Internet for several days)

Due to some time left over on my domain registration before I moved to dreamhost- it’s registered for +1 month but my hosting expires on the 18th of this month.

If I stop my DH hosting at the end of this billing period, will my Domain be okay until late September according to the date in my control panel? It’s okay if the site goes down a few days but I don’t want to lose my domain name.


Domain registration and hosting are two different things, normally you also have a 30 day grace period (not sure if every tld works exactly the same, but .net, .com, .org, .info etc all do) to renew the domain registration after it expires as well (it will stop working during the grace period tho). For the previously mentioned tld’s there is also a ‘redemption’ period after the grace period, but that will cost ya around a $100 or so during that period.