Domain Viewing

For some reason, my domain, can only be accessed by typing in the www in front of it, but not without it. I did click the option for it to be accessed both ways. Help?

I would give it a little more time. Usually it can take up to 24 hours for the DNS to propogate, how long has it been since you added it?

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You can first check the setting of your domain via

DH panel --> Domains --> Manage Domains --> Web Hosting --> Edit.

If you already set How do you like the www in your URL? to Both and work., you wil probably just need to wait a while for propagating.

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It doesn’t matter either way. Those settings only tell it what to do if you have www, or don’t. It’ll either add/subtract it, or leave it alone. I don’t think this setting affects DNS; I think it’s just a rewrite option.


That’s right and I think I see more and more sites stripping the www off.

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Anyway, michelle, when you say your site “can’t be viewed”, what error are you getting? And did you just upload static pages or are you running a web application of some kind like WordPress?

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Seems okay now.

If you’re worried about search engines and stuff like duplicate content penalties or PR being split, it’s a good idea to pick either www or non-www.

It won’t affect how users can access your site–it will just redirect and the version you pick will show up in the address bar.

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