Domain user password keeps changing to match my Dreamhost password

First of all, I’m very new to all this, so please be patient!

I’ve been unable to use SFTP with my website. I’ve tried with Dreamweaver and Filezilla. I keep getting a message saying my username/password are incorrect.

I changed my domain user password to see if that would help. I got a message saying the password change was successful. I tried to connect again with the new password and got the same message.

I went back to Dreamhost to check and see if I’d typed the new password correctly and it had reset back to the original password!

I noticed that the old password was the same as the password I use to log into Dreamhost itself. Since then, I’ve changed my Dreamhost password several times and the domain user password always changes to match.

Any attempt to change the domain user password from the “Manage Websites” page is unsuccessful (despite getting a message every time saying it is).

I have no idea what I’ve done. Help!

I didn’t think one could view previously-set passwords from DH’s Panel. Is it possible that your browser is auto-filling passwords for you, so it only looks like the passwords are the same? In the past I’ve had trouble with auto-fill misbehavior in the Panel.

Thanks! I checked with another browser and YUP. It was just like you said. I also realized that the reason sftp wasn’t working was because I was misspelling the name of my root directory (DERP!!)

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