Domain URL, help

I purchased a domain awhile ago, and I haven’t been able to figure out how to set the URL of the domain, and other customizations. I took a look at the wiki but couldn’t find anything of use. When I go to Domains -> Manage Domains I don’t see the domain. It’s displayed under Registrations though. I only purchased the domain by itself.


Edit: Ok, I just found out that domain registrations and domain hosting are different. So now I have to pay for the registration and the hosting service? I’ve used GoDaddy and I only had to make one payment, and everything was setup. I’m trying to get my site up, and I find this frustrating.

Have you purchased a hosting plan? If you have, then you need to go to the panel -> Manage Domains -> Add a Domain /Sub-domain to set up hosting for the domain you have registered.

When you do this, DH will set up an apache instance to server your domain, and a directory for it in your user space (to which you can then upload your files).


I haven’t purchased a hosting plan. Only the domain, I thought it work out the same way as GoDaddy, and I could change the URL direction of the domain, but I need the whole hosting service to do that?

It works the same way. You need to go to the panel at and then click on “Domains” in the left hand navigation bar. From there, click on manage domains.

This will bring you to a screen that lists the domains you have registered with dreamhost. You’ll see a link titled “DNS” - this screen will let you manage the name-servers which are what point yourdomain.tld to the hosting service.

I think we got it with this one. - City Streets

“Domains -> Manage Domains I don’t see the domain.”

Thanks, but I only see a link

  • Add New Domain / Sub Domain

Maybe you have to add the domain in order to manage it? There is a parked state option within the page after you follow that link. Maybe if you park it then modify the dns from there? - City Streets

When I click " + Add New Domain / Sub Domain" it takes me to a page which has another button “Add A New Hosting Plan” I continue on, it shows Account Info, Hosting Plans, etc. Then theres Domains Hosted, under it is a button titled “Add A Domain To Host” I click it, and I’m back to where I started.

  • Add New Domain / Sub Domain

Well sorry for the goose-chase… I guess the hosted panel and registration panel is different. I would put in a support ticket maybe? I think you’re going to find mostly hosted users here on the forum. - City Streets

I probably wasn’t clear in my earlier post…on DH, in order to customize DNS records, you need to have a hosting plan. This is why you are having the “round robin” thing going on. :wink:

There is more information about all this in this DH forum thread, and others.