Domain troubleshoot

I recently registered a domain name with another company and wished to host it with dreamhost.

I’ve uploaded an index.html and image file to the domain ftp address, but when I visit the website I simply get a page with the following:

(begin quote)

Index of /

Name Last modified Size Description

Parent Directory 07-Feb-2006 18:29 -

(end quote)

I added it to the dreamhost hosting system before I called the other company to change the nameservers to (without the ips), etc…

It has been ten days now without any change. I’ve probably done something wrong, because I’m new at this, but I don’t know what the problem is. Nor do I know if the emergency status issue of Mon, 13 Feb (“DNS Problems”) has anything to do with this.

Can anyone offer suggestions?

When you uploaded your files, did you place them inside of the directory? Wehn you log into FTP you should see some basic folder like logs, maildir, and Place your site files in there.


Thank you for your reply. I hadn’t created a directory. I did so now, but I am having the same difficulty. Will the system take some time to acknowledge the changes? I would appreciate further comments from anyone.


No, you don’t create the directory. When you set up your web hosting via the admin panel, that directory is automatically created. Creating it yourself won’t work.

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Thanks both of you for the advice.

As it turns out, the problem was simply the wrong ftp user selected in the control panel.

OK: I’m having the same problem, but I don’t know the solution.

My brother is the admin of our family domain, “”

When he creates an FTP account for me, my webspace becomes, ""

When I use the one-click install to install Wordpress into a subdirectory, it goes into "," which is where I set it to go.

See my problem? I want to log in via FTP to the directory above /wordpress, the root directory, to create a main page for the family site. But, when I do so using my account, there is no directory in my user dirctory.