Domain troubles

Sorry if this has been posted before, I didn’t know what exactly to search for. I’ve checked the kbase and everything, and I can’t figure this out. I just registered a new domain and it seems to be active,, but all there is is the placeholder. I can’t find the folder in my ftp program and when I make a folder it doesn’t do anything. I can logon to which brings me to my server with all my other domains except gandagun. Anyways, anyone know what I should to to get the correct folder?

Lick the Slothh.

If you haven’t yet, add the domain via the “Domains” tab in the DreamHost panel. Click the “Add Domain” link. This doesn’t register the domain, but sets up the hosting type and services for it.


Actually I have done that, and it reads "The domain is already set up! If you want to edit the various hosting services for, you can do so from the Manage sub-tab. " if I try it again. I’ve already payed for it and everything, the site works but I can’t find the folder that the files go in on my server.

edit: I think I figured it out, I had it set to park the domain. I’ll let you know if It works out.
Lick the Slothh.