Domain trouble

I had my domain hosted on a friends dream host server, but now want to add it to my server, so he deleted it off of his and when I try to add it to mine this is the error I get: Can’t add domain: you don’t have permission to add.

Any thoughts on this?

You’ll need to contact Support, and they’ll free it up for you. That is, provided that your DreamHost account wasn’t set up with a promo code. You can’t move a domain from one account to one with a promo code, in order to prevent discount plan hopping.


So there is no way to move it to my server then because I got mine at the discounted price? What happens if my friend stops his service? then I am just stuck changing the name of my domain? I understand the plan jumping aspect of it, just want to understand the restrictions as I want to keep my domain on my server which has been setup for almost 2 years now, just got around to changing it over, if I can.


You may be able to switch it over after the first year, as most promos only give you a discount for the first year.


Yeah, should be in the clear considering you stayed around.

A quick note to Support explaining what you have here should get things sorted.

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