Domain Trouble

I transfered my domain name over from another host last week when my old hosting ran out. I have another domain name that is registered through DH. Everything appeared to be fine until today.

Now the domain I transfered is not working, but the one through DH is. The weird thing is that I can get some of the links to work if I take out the ‘www’ part. Well I need the site to work both ways. I checked that option in the domain setup, so I don’t understand what is going on.

Can anyone help me?

I can’t, but I’m glad you posted this! A friend just took over a site I had been hosting and after he uploaded all the files and added the domain to his account (and stopped getting ‘bad httpd conf’ errors) he pronounced it working - yet … I am still not able to load the site in IE or Firefox, even after mutiple cache clearings. I just used the URL without the www and darned if that doesn’t work just fine. He says the site is also set up to accept BOTH (that’s the default domain setup, if I recall).

Hmm, I wonder if there’s some DNS caching going on between my work PC and DH? Maybe since I never used the non-www address before, that one’s not cached so it gets resolved by DH DNS, while the www version has to age out of some intermediate cache somewhere ???

You might want to run a few traceroute’s when loading the “www” and “” urls and see if your ISP is routing them differently? Possible they are caching DNS? Just a thought, and might be completely offbase.

Lol. Glad it helped, and now my site has started working fine again. Who knows what it was.