Domain Transfers


I registered the domain with to use with my old host Now my account has expired but i want to switch to hosting with DH but it says when registering “Domains must be unlocked and not created in the last 60 days to transfer.” I can unlock it but its only a few days old. Is there anything i can do because i cant wait 60 days for it.


Hi Kitmitsu,

You don’t have to transfer the domain to DreamHost to use their hosting. You can just update the nameservers in GoDaddy’s control panel to point to DreamHost (use, and

If you like, you can later (after 60 days) transfer the domain to DreamHost.

Best of luck…

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Thanks alot. I’ll sign up now! :slight_smile:


Even though you do not have to transfer the domain registration to Dreamhost, to host the domain here you will still need to add the domain as a “fully hosted” domain using the Dreamhost panel (after changing the DNS settings at Godaddy).

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People do seem to get confused a lot between transfers of registrar and of hosting for a domain; they are completely separate things.

Anyway, Dreamhost has never had any problem with hosting domains registered with a different registrar (as long as you set the DNS addresses appropriately at your registrar), nor do they have a problem with the contrary situation of registering a domain with Dreamhost and then hosting it somewhere else (they’re sorry to see you go elsewhere, but it’s still your domain and you can host it wherever you want).

– Dan