Domain Transfers

The problem with this service is when you get your own server. They never seem to be able to point your domain name to that server.
This service has extremely poor support and technical staff since they do not attempt to redirect your domain name to your own server.
Case in point. still points to DreamHost when it should be pointing to the server which has the website and e-mail services.
But if you go to that address all you will see is a DreamHost advertisement. This has been the case for one month now after 6 e-mail messages and numerous phone calls to incompetent people at the company. Hopefully this can be resolved before I have to buy another domain name from another service because of their inability to understan the fundamentals of customer service.

Ouch, is there an honest comment from the DreamHost staff what happened with this? Was the ball dropped, a partner problem with tucows registeration service, or a misunderstanding on how DNS caching works?

i have no clue, since this person doesn’t mention what their domain or webid is, or exactly what they’re trying to do.

you can point a domain registered through us to other nameservers very easily from the web admin panel (without any help from us).

as far as pointing the domain to an outside server through our nameservers, that’s not something we generally do (nor is it our responsibility), although i’m sure we probably would if asked nicely.

i can’t comment on this (and i doubt anyone else from DH will either), since we don’t know enough about the situation to make any sort of comment. the support team would really be the proper channel to resolve this situation.